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About us

Rotten Guitars School of Music is a Delhi based music academy, which has eleven golden years of experience in the music industry. Apart from offline training, they produce beautiful songs and organize different events as well. This academy used music as its language to speak about social issues through their songs. As its popularity escalated, it was the need of the hour to create an online platform where music could be accessed worldwide. That is how on 29th March 2015 Music Wale’s Youtube channel was launched. Vinay Rathore was the brain behind this amazing thought. He wanted everyone to learn music in the easiest way possible. This channel’s presence is currently on all social media platforms. Completing more than a decade in music education, at present, there are six branches in Delhi. Patel Nagar, Karol Bagh, Gagan Vihar, etc. More than five thousand students got training from this academy. Amongst them, a lot of students are pursuing music as a career and are touching the zeniths of success in their lives.

Connected with NGO “Udaan : कला का महाकुम्भ"

In collaboration with this NGO, MusicWale organizes events where different artists get a chance to perform and express their art in grand shows with more than six hundred people in the audience. Two of such Events are Shaam-E-Mehfil and Annual Udaan Fest.

The noble cause of Rotten Guitars School of Music

Rotten Guitars School of Music is of the society and for the society as well. It is helping underprivileged children for their complete education and transforming their lives.

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